Hello! I'm Omar Ramos, and I'm currently a Senior at Stanford University studying Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. As someone with a deep appreciation for meaningful learning and advocate for equal access in education, I devoted most of my high school career to tutoring students in my city from multiple age groups and backgrounds on essay writing as well as led SAT/ACT math classes for dozens of students who consistently saw significant increases in their scores. The experience of being a lead instructor (and an older brother!) taught me how to instruct with a patient and goal-driven approach that emphasizes true understanding and internalization of concepts through ways that are unique to each person. As an immigrant and native Spanish speaker, I have also been able to connect to multiple audiences and gain a better appreciation for the importance of clear and effective communication. If you are looking for help with anything from Pre-Algebra to Geometry to Calculus and beyond, I am definitely your person! I am further deeply interested and involved with physics, mechanics, and programming (Python, C/C++, Matlab, Julia, etc.), earning top grades at my university in these subjects. If you are also looking for help in practicing your conversational Spanish skills with a native speaker, I would love to practice with you and teach you how to understand and apply all of the knowledge you will need to excel. I am available to teach or reinforce any concepts you might want to review for upcoming exams or for help in homework or essay writing. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Looking forward to being a part of your learning experience!


My Schedule is flexible! Please click on the orange button below to connect with me and we can discuss a time for our first tutoring session.

Courses and Subjects
Engineering/Tech | Foreign Language | Math | SAT/ACT | College Essay | Science
    Computer Science
    Computer Programming
Foreign Language
    AP Spanish Language and Culture
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC
    Algebra 1
    Multivariable Calculus
    Algebra II
    College Essay
        AP Physics 1



      • MG

      • Omar is very helpful and patient, and will go in depth with problems you don’t understand. He creates visuals for problems and answers any questions you may have.

      • AM

      • Omar is the best tutor! He is very helpful and takes his time to make sure you understand the material. I really appreciate how patient and thorough he is!

      • MO

      • Really recommend. Knows what he is doing and super patient

      • BM

      • very helpful and knowledgable

      • AC

      • Very attentive and took his time - excellent manners. Thanks Omar.

      • KJ

      • Omar is amazing. He is approachable , knowledgable, articulate, and explains things very well. He was flexible and happy to work around our schedule, even at very short notice. He was very well prepared and actually prefers to communicate ahead of time in order to prepare himself as much as possible for specific areas of need, so that you get the most out of the session. The interactive whiteboard was great too. It makes it very easy to follow along. I am so grateful to Tutorfly for providing awesome and affordable tutoring. It is such a relief knowing that we have a tutor just a text message away, whenever we need him. As my daughter said, “He was fantastic, the whole experience was just fantastic!!”.

      • EH

      • Omar was great. My son really got what he needed. We will use him again for sure!

      • KC

      • Omar is smart, kind and very patient. He has been able to clarify Math and Chemistry concepts for my son (11th graders). Thanks Omar for sharing your knowledge and your help!

      • BK

      • Omar was a great tutor, very knowledgable about the topic and very helpful during all stages of the tutoring. Very easy to talk to and ask questions. I will be coming back for another session and I hope that I am able to get him again.

      • TF

      • Omar is very understanding and patient. He started with the basics to see how much I knew, and went off of that. He repeated and explain as much as I needed. Very knowledgeable about the subject. Looking forward to having more lesson.

      • JA

      • Omar is a great tutor and it is increasingly evident that his goal is to help you grow as a student. He is very patient and thorough in his teaching, ensuring that you not only know the answer but the base of the question as well. He caters to all types of learners and if you don't understand it one way, he'll teach you in another. 10/10

      • RL

      • Omar, Thank you for your help. My daughter has been struggling with Precalculus. It was hard to watch her feeling defeated and so negative about the subject. You helped her understand and look at the problems in a way that she could grasp. Your patience and knowledge were just what she needed. Her whole attitude seemed to be more confident once she finished her lesson with you. We are looking forward to her next session. Thanks again.

      • XL

      • my Son first time attend math lesson by Omar. he did excellent job!

      • SG

      • Omar is an excellent tutor which great knowledge in the field of mathematics and lots of patience to help you understand the topic you are struggling in. He goes above and beyond by dedicating as much time as you need to fully understand and pays close attention to the pupil to make sure you walk out with a better hold on the topic. You can't go wrong with working with Omar.

      • JR

      • Omar is great to work with and makes me feel comfortable when trying to speak Spanish. Very friendly and helpful.

      • JB

      • Omar was extremely easy to work with, he’s very friendly and his methods of teaching make it very easy to understand the topics at hand. Great experience!

      • HM

      • He is very knowledgeable and understanding person. He is patient and easy to work with. My son and I are glad that we found him!

      • EP

      • Absolutely polite and super helpful!

      • KK

      • Omar explained to me how to work through different types of college level math problems in a way that made sense and was easy for me to understand! I will definitely do more sessions with him for my upcoming pre-calculus class. Thank you, Omar.

      • AW

      • Very knowledgeable of the topic at hand and expertly explained all questions about regarding the topic. Would recommend to others.

      • HG

      • He is knowledgeable and great

      • MK

      • He is knowledgeable and patient when teaching.

      • JD

      • He was very quick to respond and he was highly prepared for each of the meetings we had. He did a wonderful job reviewing the material I needed help with and managed to answer all of my questions.

      • MM

      • Omar is an amazing tutor! Not only because he knows the content, but he connects with the student to understand where they need the most support. My son went from C’s to A’s in his AP Calculus course. I can’t thank Omar enough for his kindness, support and knowledge base. 100x recommended Omar!