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Our Story

Founded in the belief that every student has the potential to succeed

Tutorfly's Founding and Mission

Tutorfly was founded with the vision of creating an accessible tutoring marketplace that could deliver high-quality tutoring services while simultaneously fostering connections between students and individual tutors who could serve as role models. Today, Tutorfly.com extends its reach to thousands of families across the United States, offering affordable and accessible online tutoring services

A Tutorfly Student

Tutorfly's Expansion into Schools

School partnerships have always been an integral part of Tutorfly's mission. However, the necessity of school involvement increased significantly during the pandemic. Tutorfly's dynamic online platform provided a lifeline for tutors and students to connect, bridging the physical gap when on-campus learning was not feasible. During this challenging time, our high-impact online sessions led to substantial academic improvements for struggling students.

In 2021, Kip McGrath Education Centres (KMEC), an Australian company with a long history of successful tutoring, acquired Tutorfly, providing the resources necessary for further expansion. With Kip McGrath's support, Tutorfly broadened its reading and math programs, benefiting thousands of K-12 students and helping them establish strong academic foundations.

Reaching New Heights

Tutorfly's distinctive in-school tutoring program offers students regular, access to one-on-one and small group support. Our experienced and responsive team has garnered the appreciation of both students, who enjoy attending sessions with our tutors, and schools, who value our prompt and compassionate support throughout the day.

In 2023, across all our programs, the Tutorfly team facilitated thousands of hours online and in-person tutoring each month. Looking ahead to 2024, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of connecting with more schools and supporting many more students to reach their learning goals.