Where the world sees students, we see teachers.

Who Are We?

The Tutorfly team provides easy access to peer tutoring by collaborating with students, teachers, parents, as well as education technology experts in the community. Our tutors are current high school and university students who continue to excel at their studies and understand the way students of this generation learn. The best way for students to improve their academic performance is with a peer who underwent the same academic experience. Tutors can simultaneously raise money for a charity of their choice while receiving volunteer hours if they select to do so in lieu of payment.

Our Mission

Leveling the educational playing field by providing accessible tutoring outside of the classroom.

Our Belief

High school students are some of the most intelligent individuals in our community, and we, at Tutorfly, are revamping educational support by empowering students to teach.

The Mindset of our Tutors

Our Tutorfly Tutors are students that are motivated to give back to their communities. Many of our tutors choose to volunteer their time and donate the money that they earn to one of the following:

  1. To fund free tutoring for low income students.
  2. To donate to local charities (such as the ones below):
  3. To fund scholarships for fellow peers that are moving on to higher education.

Our Partnered Charities
Shepherd's Gate CharitySunnyvale Community Services

Tutorfly.org has been empowering student success via peer tutoring since 2017! On Tutorfly, over 2,000 certified academic tutors double as role models. Browse for tutors yourself or contact a member of our team for a personalized tutor recommendation. Most tutors charge $25/hour, and they keep 100% of what you pay for tutoring. (We also charge clients a 7.7% service fee that goes toward covering payment processing fees, hosting costs, and feature development!) When our tutors and clients are happy, we’re happy!